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Senath Mo.Class of '58  
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School Poems
 Written for
 By: Bob Corley
 Feb 2003

Long ago when we you and I were only a kid ,
 We buried a capsule - assuring it well hid.  
We would graduate that year - it was 1954,
But the real truth was we had four more .  

Our teacher had mentioned the idea to us,
Cautioning that we do it without much fuss.
She explained to us the importance of trust,
“If” keeping it hidden in that spot was a must.

We placed inside certain items it seemed,
That would later reflect that time as a dream.  
 The container we took; it seemed well made
And headed outside - carrying it and a spade.

Once outside the door we each looked around,
Then we dug a hole and place it in the ground.
It wasn't long before four years were through
Then off we went into a life that seemed new.

That thing in the ground was forgotten by us,
As if  destined to lay - a long time in the dust.
 So time sped away and the years slipped by,
Then we gathered once again just to say “Hi!”

During our 2nd reunion in  June of 2002
 That capsule was mentioned, but by who?
Then a plan was made to exhume the thing.
Had we really buried it , or was it a dream?

Lord willing, in a few years we'll meet again
At a reunion in Memphis to say “Hi” and grin.
Hopefully then,  we'll see once more,
That  “TIME CAPSULE” we buried in 54.

When we go to get it, will it still be around,
Could it survive such time in the ground?  
If so, what things inside might we find,
That we all placed there so long ago in time.

What items of time did we think worthy to be,
 Of the passing of time with you and me?    
 Might those items reflect who we were,
 Will they tell of the devotion we felt for her?

After all it was our teacher whose idea we had
And as our memories fade do we think it bad?
 When in Memphis we open it to look inside,
Let us embrace one another and in love abide.  

 No real value will not be contained therein,
But rather in the fact that your still a friend.
What might I have been or who would I be,
Had it not been for the likes of he or she?  

So after fifty we plan to gather - as in 54,
And if not - maybe we shall meet no more.
And if it shall be that we do meet again,
Then let us join as if with a dear old friend.

But, if it should be that we meet no more,
 Then let's recall the one day outside that door.
For now before us we can more clearly  see
An incoming tide before you and me.
Let's be without fear as it breaks at our feet,
 For after it leaves
 Again  we shall meet.

"Memories "
 Written by
J. G. Collins Jr.
(Senath High School Graduate)
Class of 1948

"It seems the last two weeks of school, before the seniors leave,
is a time of throbbing memories and a time of make believe.

For as we meet the teachers and the kids with whom we part,
we must wear upon our face, a smile, to hide an aching heart.

A heart that goes back to the years, that dwell down memory lane,
to the freshman year and the sophomore year and it lives them over again.

To the time when skulking bands of kids, came sneaking through the grass, like a gang of thieves and murderers, being sent to Alcatraz.

And we vowed that when four years were gone and we were given a pardon,
that we'd shout " Hallelujah ", before we thanked the warden.

But now they've lost the ball and chain - and the bars have gone to roam -
and the place we thought we hated, has changed until it's home.

And so we hate to leave our schoolhouse, with it's never ending-chime,
of echoing footsteps marching upward out of time.

We'll miss the row of pictures, that hang within the hall
 and smiled their reassurance, every time we'd start to fall.

We'll miss the fun and frolic, when we'd go to the joint for cokes,
 we'll miss that gang of boys, and their laugh -arousing jokes.

We'll miss the gym and hallway, the stairs and all the rest,
the lawn, the kids , the teachers, the studies too, I guess.

But yet for all those memories, that linger in our mind,
we're marching toward the future and leaving the past behind.

To meet new friends and studies - and fun wherever we go,
 for the future is bright and sunny, if we'll only make it so."   
J.G. Collins Jr. wrote this poem in 1948, the year he graduated from Senath High School. The poem was chosen as the Senath School Poem that year an was1st  published in the 1948 Senath High School Year Book as such. I don't know how long it remained the Senath School Poem. Two years later (in 1950) it still appeared in the Senath High School Year Book exactly as it was originally published. The "joint" referred to in his poem was a little store across the road from the school where they all hung out for cokes and snacks. Those of us starting grade school in 1946 would come to call that little "joint" Raymond Carroll's Store as Raymond and Betty Carroll owned it for many years.